Octopot 6gal
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Octopot 6gal

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When ordering six or more call us we will lower the price before you checkout on the website, for $49.49 !!


Octopot’s Most Popular Grow System!

• Seeds, rooted plant starts, or clones thrive in Octopot Grow Systems
• Automatic Controlled Watering up to 10+ Days
• Dual Root Zones Maximizes Plant Growth
• Uses 1/3 or Less Soil 
• Requires No Power
• Conserves Water
• Low Fertilizer/Nutrient Consumption 

Octopot recommends a high quality blend of 60% soil (sphagnum peat moss and composted bark or similar) with 40% perlite. Add a small amount of fertilizer to your soil blend if it’s not already included by the manufacturer. 

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