200W CFL Bulb &  Reflector Package

Basic Enclosed Reflector with 200W CFL 6500K Bulb Package

- Integrated Socket and 15' Lamp Cord
- Top Quality German Aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity
- This will not work with MH or HPS Bulbs, socket is designed for CFL bulbs only
- Reflector Dimensions: 19.75" x 17"
- Designed Specifically for the Horticulture Industry
- Adjustable wing to widen or limit your lighting space!
- Compact size and advanced design delivers high output
- Super Lightweight
- Wide and Bright light delivery
- No need for a ballast, just plug it into the wall
- Completely assembled, ready to use
- 2 Hanging Clips Included

Package Includes:
(1) 200 Watt CFL Bulb (part #790200-CF), (1) Basic Enclosed Reflector (part #129702) with pre-wired lighting socket and cord, (2) Universal Reflector Hanging Clips

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200W CFL Bulb & Reflector Package

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