Beethoven TR 2oz

Beethoven TR Total Release Fogger Miticide Insecticide-2oz to add to your rotation for greater control of greenhouse pests

Beethoven TR miticide/insecticide, with the active ingredient etoxazole, is a new total release aerosol from BASF. It provides control of mites, including the two-spotted spider mite, and suppresses whiteflies. In addition, Beethoven TR offers quick and easy application, thorough coverage, excellent plant safety and flexible re-entry times.

This unique total release formulation is also a great Space Mix partner with other BASF total release insecticides, including Attain, 1300 Orthene, Tame/Orthene, Pyrethrum and Duraplex, giving growers another easy-to-use rotation option for even greater control of greenhouse pests.

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Beethoven TR 2oz

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