CocoNot Coir 2cu.ft
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Utilizing a specific layer of the redwood bark and using a proprietary method to grind the material into 6 different size/shaped particles of medium, Vermicrop has created a structure made with the sole purpose to grow plants. By adding the fiber of a Kapok fruit Vermicrop was able to add additional buoyancy, resilience, and drainage. This fiber is made of mostly Lignin which is generally associated with reduced digestibility of the overall plant biomass, which helps defend against pathogens and pests. A perfect air to water ratio, pH'd and buffered for optimal nutrient uptake CocoNot is free of excess salts and is providing amazing results for growers.

Don't get left in the coir! CocoNot does not need to be rinsed but should be fed water only for the first 5-10 days. Keep in mind that this material dries quickly and should be watered regularly, if more water retention is desired add VermiBlend.

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CocoNot Coir 2cu.ft

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