E-Papillon 1000W
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Electronics and assimilation lighting has been a topic of discussion and debate for a long time now. A perfect solution is now available. Papillon luminaires - incorporating the highly reliable Greenvision electronics from Philips: the E-Papillon 1000 Watt.

The E-Papillon offers many advantages over conventional luminaires. Quite simply, it uses less energy to produce more light. The E-Papillon enables energy-savings of around 5% - a substantial saving in your energy costs. Furthermore, the specially developed lamps also produce more light. This combined with a reflector yield of 92%, makes the E-Papillon the most energy-friendly fitting currently available in the market.

Lights Interaction has developed a specific lamp holder for the 1000W luminaire in collaboration with Vosloh Schwabe. The lamp in the luminaire cannot be screwed into the normal E40 lamp holder of a conventional luminaire. There are two litz wires at the two ends of the lamp. These have to be clamped in order to obtain a connection. In the E-Papillon 1000W, the voltage supply to the lamp holder is disconnected when the lamp is opened. When pushing shut the lamp holder, a metal clamp grips the litz wire. Our lamp is therefore shock-hazard-protected.

The reflector can be easily placed on and removed from the luminaire. This makes the annual cleaning of the reflectors a very simple operation. If you wish to replace the reflector later on, you can easily remove it from the safety cover and only replace the reflector.

Lights Interaction has consciously chosen this safety cover to avoid dirt accumulation on the top of our reflector. If dirt combines with water on top of the reflector, it may find its way into the reflector through chinks in the reflector. This will lead to streaks of dirt, whereby less light will be reflected. When cleaning the fitting, the cleaning water would also be soiled immediately on contact with the accumulated dirt on top of the reflector.

he safety cover provides a thermal buffer between the hot reflector material and any objects that may fall on top of the fitting. The temperature of the top of the reflector cover can rise to 50°C. Without this reflector cover, the temperature on the top of the reflector may rise to 200°C. 

Lights Interaction Agro BV has developed a new bracket for electronic luminaires in collaboration with Blok’s Draadvorm bv in The Hague. The bracket can be easily pushed in and fixed in place immediately without the need to turn nuts or bolts. For installers, the new bracket means considerable labour-savings.

Apart from a number of standard-size wire brackets, Lights Interaction can also offer tailor-made sizes in consultation with the customer. An example of this is the extended bracket.

The electronic luminaires are now a little smaller. In other words, they block less light. All in all, this luminaire offers an optimum solution and is ideal for all kinds of cultivation applications.

Please contact us if you need more information or wish to have a lighting plan with these new luminaires.

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E-Papillon 1000W

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