Gromedics Hydroponics Dark Room Grow Tent 5' x 5' x 8'
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The features of a Gromedics® Grow Tent allow you to easily create, maintain and control the interior environment for optimal plant growth. Engineered for indoor usage, our tents are easy to assemble and portable. You can set them up anywhere! Each is designed using a combination of materials, electrical ports, vents, and accessory straps to maximize the use of its interior space.


Exterior Material: Blacks 300D Canvas
Interior Material: 99.9% Reflective Pentflex Inner Lining
Light Proof: Yes
Suggested Light Wattage MH or HPS: 600W or 1000W
Light Must be Air Cooled: Yes always Recommended
Weight (lbs./kg)
Hanging Straps for Filter/Fan: Yes
Waterproof Removable Floor: Yes
Maximum Ceiling Frame Capacity: 135lbs
Quantity of Passive Vents: 4
Side Work Window Quantities: 0
Electrical Port’s: 4
Light Proof Doors Front: 1
Light Proof Doors Back: 0

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Gromedics Hydroponics Dark Room Grow Tent 5' x 5' x 8'

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