Humboldt Earth 2.5cu.ft
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Humboldt Earth 2.5 cf

Product Information
Humboldt Earth is a ready to use soil created for fast growing, moderate to heavy feeding plants. Some plants may benefit from additional fertilizing. For exceptional results, feed with high quality nutrients such as the Humboldt Nutrients line of products. This natural & organically amended mix is ideal for any Pot-Bedding- Vegetable crops, Nursery Stock, propagation, and various other applications. The Humboldt Earth is ideal for indoor/outdoor potted plants, and can also be used as an amendment to existing beds or ground planted shrubs, trees, fruits, and vegetables. 

This product is a blend of 20-25% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, processed softwood bark, coconut coir, perlite, earthworm castings, compost, dolomite lime, fish meal, soybean meal, bat guano, kelp meal and organic wetting agent (Yucca extract). 

The Humboldt Mix Preparation
The Humboldt Earth mix is formulated so that containers can be filled dry and then watered after seeding or transplanting. The Humboldt Earth wets easily and uniformly, eliminating the need for pre-wetting. As with any soil mix, over wetting will negatively affect the physical properties of the mix. Never compress any mix too tightly when planting. The Humboldt Earth is not pasteurized and should not be sterilized or pasteurized.

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Humboldt Earth 2.5cu.ft

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