Humboldt Mix 3.8cu.ft
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Humboldt Nutrients Humboldt Mix 3.8 Cu ft West Coast

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This high-porosity mix is ideal for any pot-bedding-vegetable crops, nursery stock, propagation and various other applications. The Humboldt Mix is recommended for gardeners who like to keep their roots in a higher air capacity and faster drainage of water and nutrients. Begin your fertilizer program one week after planting. During the vegetative stage apply fertilizer then water, fertilizer then water, etc. During the blooming stage apply fertilizer more frequently. 


The Humboldt Mix contains a blend of 60-70% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, horticultural grade perlite, dolomitic lime and Yucca extract. The Humboldt Mix Preparation
This mix is formulated so that containers can be filled dry and then watered after seeding and planting. The mix wets easily and uniformly, eliminating the need for pre-wetting. As with any mix, over-wetting will negatively affect the physical properties of the mix. Never compress any mix too tightly when planting. The Humboldt Mix is not pasteurized and should not be sterilized or pasteurized.
Humboldt Mix can be amended with any type of guano, trace minerals, and organic matter to suit the organic gardener.

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Humboldt Mix 3.8cu.ft

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