Hydro-Spice Grow, 5 lbs.
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Earth Juice® Hydro-SpiceTM

Grow Two proprietary dry-blends from the experts at Hydro-Organics, designed for hydroponics. The formulas contain an array of specifically selected natural plant food ingredients, mycorrhzae and humic acid, that only need to be applied once during both the vegetative and flowering phases to supplement and aid in the correction and prevention of hydroponic nutrient deficiencies. May be used as a premix or applied as a top-dressing. Do not add to hydroponic nutrient solutions (not water soluble). Available in a Grow and Bloom formulations. May be used with a variety of hydroponic and liquid fertilizer solutions. For indoor/outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics.

Hydro-SpiceTM Grow -N5.00% -P6.00% -K2.00%

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Hydro-Spice Grow 5lbs

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