Hydrolite 15-20mm 1cu.ft
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HydroliteTM is a natural silica-based, volcanic mineral with a unique porous crystalline structure that allows it to hold nutrients until they are ready to be taken up by plants.

Hydrolite's ability to retain essential plant nutrients and aerate the growing medium makes it an ideal amendment for both hydroponic systems and soil gardens.

Use with Coco, Peat Moss and Soil.
Hydrolite can be mixed with Botanicare® ReadyGroTM, Botanicare® Cocogro®, and Organicare® Pure Earth® to provide aeration and increase nutrient holding capacity.

• Improves Aeration
• Highly Porous
• Retains Nutrients
• Non-Toxic
• Reusable
• Does Not Crush
• Does Not Float
• 70% Silicate
• Nutrient Charged to Balance CEC
• Made in the USA

Can be mixed with coconut coir and peat-based mediums at a rate of 20-50%
by volume.

Can be mixed with soil at 50 lbs per 1000 ft2.


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Hydrolite 15-20mm 1cu.ft

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