HypoTek 1500W Digital Ballast MH/HPS (240V ONLY)
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The coolest ballasts on the market! These energy-efficient ballasts run extremely cool and silent, and come with a 2 year full warranty, 1 year pro-rated. Their heat-dispersing fins cover the entire outside of the housing, including the underside, helping to eliminate trapped heat. With the attached mounting plates, HypoTek ballasts are designed to operate horizontally or vertically, making them great for all setup situations. Rubber feet also help prevent vibration, reducing noise. All models run both MH and HPS lamps, are compatible with ‘Type S’ reflectors, and include a built-in surge protector. The 1000W and 600W models have internal cooling fans and are resin-coated to prevent RF interference. The 1000W, 600W, and 400W are dimmable, featuring the Super Bright option, which lets you push up to 10% more lumens out of your lamps. The exclusive ability to dim these ballasts allows you to reduce your amps and lower your electricity costs! Both 120V and 240V power cords included on multi-voltage ballasts.

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HypoTek 1500W Digital Ballast MH/HPS (240V ONLY)

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