Leaf Wash Concentrate 4oz

100% Organic Leaf Wash

Safe for humans, plants, and pets!

Use for treating:

Spider Mites & Eggs


Powder Mildew

White Flies


Fungus Gnats


Root Rot



4 ounces makes 4 gallons!

Key ingredients are derived from the natural elements of plants, as intended to be by nature. (No chemicals added!) It is not harmful to smell, touch, or even taste.


Fact About Plants:

A plant breathes through it's leaves in a process called photosynthesis. A plant leaf should be cleared at all times just like a human's nostril is in order to flourish and mature into a robust plant. Therefore it is essential that plant leaves are cleaned and sprayed at all times.


Organic VS. Chemical:

The use of unchanged natural substance from the earth is always recommended for indoor and outdoor use. The reason is quite simple. Natural is the mystic and the mystic is natural.


Gardening Tips:

Proper maintenance is the secret of success in every garden. To keep it disease and pest free, the gardener should inspect his/her plants at least 15 minutes a day as a precautionary measure, and also spray foliage periodically (at least once a week) for preventative measures. A good gardening habit is to assume that a garden is infected and treat it accordingly to prevent the unseen.

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Leaf Wash Concentrate 4oz

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