Nutrifield - Crystalic 5L
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Crystalic™ is ideal for all flowering and/or fruiting plants and helps improvefruit and vegetable flavors, intensifies floral fragrances and encourages essential oil production. It will alsohelp increase flower development and size by supplying extra carbohydrates to boost plant metabolic processes which accentuate growth.

The Natural Sweetener

Crystalic™ is a bio-stimulant which promotes secondary metabolite production that aids in the synthesis of terpenoids and polyphenolic compounds which are responsible for the creation of essential oils and trichomes in flowering plants. Trichomes are hair like structures on the surface of the plant where essential oils and terpenes are stored. As they are tiny and reflect light, they appear crystalline yet much of your crops flavor and aroma are stored within them. Applying Crystalic™ to your feed regimen helps produce vigorous, fragrant, and sweeter fruits and flowers.

Healthy Carbohydrates for Your Plants

Additional carbohydrates are critical during a plants flowering stage to keep the production of flowers in full swing. Giving your plants complex carbohydrates leads to intensified metabolic processes which promote robust floral development while encouraging fruit and flower swelling. They also boost healthier microbial populations which process exudates and complex nutrients into plant available food.

Flavor & Plant Immune System Enhancer

Secondary metabolites are quintessential components of flavour production that need to be properly stimulated for abundant yields, outstanding aroma and overall plant health. By providing the components necessary for the production of essential oils, resins, and aromas plants get faster flower maturation and a much stronger and resilient immune system.

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Nutrifield - Crystalic 5L

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