OM Environmental Products 1/2gal
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OM Environmental Products is a distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside, Organic Pesticide Products, Organic House Hold Products (hand sanitizing solution, dish washing liquid, laundry detergents, hand wash, surface cleaner etc.), green houses (custom build and manufactured units), organic water management products including introduction of sustainable product via customer partnerships and market trends.

Our products have demonstrated “Lower Cost of Ownership” using SumaGrow, organic pesticide solutions, customized agriculture solutions resulting in significant increases in crop yields, increase in BRIX, chlorophyll, nutrient, elimination of health hazards, reducing permitting costs, nitrate reduction, eliminating costly pollution related fines, etc.. The introduction of safe, ecologically sound farming, golf course management, meat industry utilization best practices resulting in measurable benefits to ecosystems and human kind.  

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OM Environmental Products 1/2gal

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