Papas Perfect Poop
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Papas Perfect Poop is a 100 % organic, dry powder plant food and fertilizer.  It's formulated from fossilized seabird guanos, found in caves in Peru and Chili, along with crushed rocks and minerals that add to the complexity and the complete and balanced naturally occuring chemicals that help plants thrive.  Yes there are the essential N-P-K, but also Papas supplies countless micro-nutrients and trace minerals that aid in cell growth and healthy cell structure, because we use FOSSILIZED materials.

Papas is VERY concentrated and a little goes a very long way.  Its a long term, slow release plant food... a one pound box can fertilize many containers throughout the entire growing season.  You can sprinkle 1-2 tsp. around the base of the plant or mix it into the soil before planting. ( 1lb. per 50-100 sq. ft) or even mix 1-10tbsp in a gallon jug, let it sit overnight and water your plants with this SUPER TEA.
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Papas Perfect Poop

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