Premium Aged Mushroom Compost 1cu.ft
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Native Nutrients Mushroom Compost is a premium grade soil blend consisting of quality reclaimed sphagnum peat moss, straw, cottonseed meal, manures, gypsum, and straw. It is first steam-sterilized to eliminate any pests, pathogens or weed seeds. Afterward, it is composted for a full year to produce the highest quality humus. During this time the soil is repeatedly water washed and turned to promote the development of biodiversity, microbial blooms, and beneficial bacteria. This unique process results in a mushroom compost of unrivaled quality.

The soil is then screened and bagged in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. This product is made from safe, organic materials and is easily mixed. It maintains high trace mineral contents, is fully composted, and will not burn plants.

• Peat Moss based
• Properly aged for one year
• High in nutrients and trace minerals
• Small particles and easy to mix
• Carefully crafted and tested nutrients
• Beneficial microbe revitalizes all soils
• All natural and organic, safe to use
• Great for clay soils
• Won't burn plants

Available in California, Oregon, adn Pennsylvania Only. 

  • Item #: ME10000

Premium Aged Mushroom Compost 1cu.ft

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