Pro Mix PUR Granular
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• Increases water and nutrient uptake
• Enhances growth significantly
• Increases transplanting survival rate
• Increases plant and root system vigor
• Increases crop quality and yield


Plants Treated - 80 Plants

Minimum guaranteed analysis
Concentration: 45 Viable Spores/g
Available Size: 3.4 US Dry Qt (3.8 L)

• The perlite, zeolite and peat moss carrier provides added benefits to the soil
• Easily added to the medium or planting hole
• Mycorrhizae Premier Tech (Endo-Glomus intraradices)

Directions for Use:
PRO-MIX recommends applying PRO-MIX® PUR granular when transplanting. Apply PRO-MIX® PUR at the bottom and the sides of transplant hole.


  • Item #: PTP038190

Pro Mix PUR Granular

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