Secret Jardin Dark Street Wide 4' x 2' x 5⅔'
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Secret Jardin Dark Room Street is a growbox for indoor cultivation specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (190D), to increase light intensity and improve light distribution. Light-proof, waterproof and pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars to support lamps, and carbon filters. 
It is lined with good quality reflective layer (not only white) and it is not only equipped with sleeves for air intake but also with net air vents for natural ventilation. 

The metallic tube structure 90x90x160 is suitable for a 250w HPS Kit. 

  • Number of doors: 1 frontal;
  • Sleeves for air out-take: 1x diam. 15,2cm;
  • Sleeves for air intake: 1x diam. 15,2cm;
  • Sleeves for cables: 1x diam. 7,6cm;
  • Size assembled (cm) : 90 x 90 x 160;
  • Weight (kg): 7,1;
  • Bulbs advised: 1 x 250W 


  • Item #: SJDS120W

Secret Jardin Dark Street Wide 4' x 2' x 5⅔'

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