Silver Edition Hut 3' x 3'
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The Silver Edition Series comprises the next line of tents from Hydro Hut. The Silver Edition easily surpasses its rivals through noticeable, intelligent differences – better flaps around the door and the windows using Velcro to insure it is light-tight, steel poles and corners for real strength, higher quality outer material that won’t rip, more sewing and material in crucial areas to help protect stress points, and more air vents to do as you wish. HydroHut capitalized on its experience to make the best product on the market. The Silver Edition series of tents will be an easy choice over the competition. Completely control your plants atmosphere and light indoors.

  • Extra wide flaps to keep light in
  • Adjustable steel ceiling poles
  • Strongest Ceiling on the market
  • No plastic or aluminum – all steel
  • Reinforced corners

Exterior Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 78"

  • Item #: IG3023

Silver Edition Hut 3' x 3'

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