Silverstar - 4XL 8"
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The new Silverstar 4XL air cooled reflector is a masterpiece of engineering and manufacturing. Built in Canada with the best German aluminum and air craft material. These reflectors are individually and meticulously fabricated with the state of art machinery, allowing the product to be 100% airtight and gap free. It comes with a tempered hinged glass swing panel and integrated tentioners. Made with exclusive 95% reflective German reflective aluminum,the SilverStar 4XL provides the maximum light footprint available on the market. An aerodynamic junction box improves airflow and cooling with built-in 6 or 8" fittings. Always optimal performance, output, and diffusion with Silverstar. ETL approved. Product of Canada. Dimensions: 40" long x 30" wide x 8 1/2" tall.- Weight: 34lbs

  • Item #: HT4103

Silverstar - 4XL 8"

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