Smart Support C-Bite Stake Grips, #9, 5/16", 12 Pack
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Innovative Smart Support® #9 C-Bite™ Stake Grips feature the ideal design for turning garden stakes, trellis netting, and twine into a strong and versatile custom plant support system. Interlocking C-Bite grips secure multiple stakes together, creating a sturdy framework while also providing anchor points for trellis netting or twine. The unique C-Bite shape allows for limitless configurations in gardens of all sizes. Temperature- and weather-resistant material ensures durability indoors or out. The #9 size fits stakes approximately 5/16-inches in diameter, including 3-foot Smart Support Steel Stakes.

  • Item #: SSCSG809

Smart Support C-Bite Stake Grips, #9, 5/16", 12 Pack

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