STGI-MC 50 Hail
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• Size: 1" x 1"
• Excels in all hydroponics systems currently designed for aggregate
• Exceptionally versatile and can be used to fill any size container regardless of shape or volume
• A nearly infinite amount of open cell voids encourages dense root development

Special Features:

• Easily fill any size pot or container regardless of size or shape
• Proprietary open cell design allows for air to move freely through the cubes, ensuring the stem stays dry and healthy while the roots beneath receive ambient circulation
• Non-wicking design combined with inherent structural voids allows the grower to feed more often, leading to healthier plants and better harvests
• pH neutral and requires no conditioning or continuous adjustment of your bath due to media influence
• Inert and imparts nothing to your nutrient solution. This allows the grower to "start from scratch" when developing a feeding schedule. BPA Free.
• Can be used as an amendment to increase the overall performance of preexisting media.
• Perfect for all hydroponic growers regardless of scale or scope

See a video about Hail here.

  • Item #: STGIMC50

Sure to Grow Hail Mini Cubes 50/pck

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